Strength Based therapy & EMDR

Welcome to Tate Counselling


Create an empowered connection with yourself, your strengths & resiliency providing a foundation for building self-compassion and creating shifts that allow you to reclaim your life. 


With compassionate support & EMDR; gently process and recalibrate stress responses to lessen distressing symptoms, build capacity, integrate positive beliefs to create choice and empowerment.


Live in the present while nurturing a positive mindset and engaging in healthy actions. Effectively respond to challenges, be self & emotionally aware, empowered to create positive shifts.

Registered Clinical Counsellor, in Nanaimo BC, Scarlet Tate sitting on the beach with her dog smiling

Welcome to Tate Counselling

Registered Clinical Counsellor, in Nanaimo BC, Scarlet Tate sitting on the beach with her dog smiling

My name is Scarlet Tate and I am so honoured that you are considering working with me. 

I provide support and guidance to adults who have experienced stress & adversity to build connections, self discovery, self compassion and work toward integration with a resiliency focused approach utilizing EMDR, somatic modalities and trauma focused cognitive behaviour therapy CBT.  

I have a certificate in traumatic stress studies (2023) and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor RCC with a Master of Arts (MA) Degree Clinical Psychology (2006).

If you are ready to create growth and change, effective therapy provides the space to transform the symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, & relationship challenges.  Create empowerment, wellness and meaningful life changes!

Work with me in a confidential, secure virtual setting from the comfort and convenience of your own space.

I strive for inclusivity and welcome all peoples from diverse backgrounds, orientations and experiences.

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My guiding principles

Acceptance of your journey

Meeting you where you are at

Confidential & Secure

Ethical & Compassionate

Dignity Driven

Strength & Resiliency based

Attachment Focused EMDR

Evidence Based

Maybe you have experienced……

If any of this sounds familiar – you are in the right space, you are not alone and you belong!

Person in Nanaimo BC, on a balcony leaning up against a railing looking into the forest thinking about their experiences that have caused trauma.

These challenges may originate from automatic nervous system responses to distressing & overwhelming experiences which are beyond coping abilities; resulting in the wide ranging symptoms of trauma.

Woman out hiking in a forest shaking hands with a friend feeling empowered after her counselling session with Nanaimo Counsellor Scarlet Tate

You make sense! You have not failed; you have experienced pain and are in need of care.

These normal reactions are adaptive and very important in a person’s ability to get through tough stuff and do what needs to be done. Over time, the adaptations may become symptomatic and keep us from connecting with ourselves, creating healthy satisfying relationships, our empowerment, our resiliency and our ability to respond and thrive in current life.

Life experiences and their impacts are so complex; it can feel confusing, frustrating and discouraging to figure out how the past is impacting the present and what to do about it.

The process of thinking and talking our way through these challenges is a helpful and important part of the journey and often there are other layers of awareness & integration that involve the experiences of the body, sensations and emotions providing a pathway to meaningful change.

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Counselling services and help for

Anxiety & Worry

Anxiety and worry can be exhausting and once activated, can quickly take over making it difficult to function effectively and participate fully in life.  Get the support you need to understand the triggers, explore contributing factors, learn tools and strategies, and the meaning of emotions and body sensations. 


If the experience of constant stress has left you feeling helpless, discouraged, and completely exhausted, you are not alone and you may be experiencing burnout.  Receive support and learn strategies to regain your balance, create small shifts and to feel hopeful again.

Depression & Sadness

Depression is a physical experience that drains optimism, energy, and motivation on the inside, even if you are portraying the opposite on the outside.  It can seem like there is no way out.  Let’s find out what will contribute to your recovery; get the support, validation & care to move through.

Grief & Loss

Receiving support and care are important for the journey of grieving; you don’t have to do it alone.   Any loss can cause grief, including important people or animals, relationships,  health, career or even big shifts in life circumstances or goals.  Grieving is often an important part of trauma recovery.  Learn how to cope with what you’re feeling and the journey of grief so that you can continue living.


From a trauma informed perspective; addictions or any maladaptive coping strategy are viewed as understandable attempts to cope with the symptoms and emotional devastation that are often resulting from the impacts of chronic, stress, adversity and trauma.  Recovering from substances can seem overwhelming at first, yet finding and living a life of purpose is a transformative way to rise above the grip of addiction. 

Emotional Challenges

Developing the capacity to better recognize, understand and listen to your emotions improves self confidence and self esteem, creates authenticity and builds relationships which are satisfying and secure.  With support and education, it is possible to increase personal capacity to move through uncomfortable emotions as they arise. 

Relationships & Communication

Strong, secure, satisfying relationships—whether romantic, family, or friendship – are vital to our happiness and health.   As communication, self awareness, boundaries and authentic connections become the foundation of relationships; overall health and wellness improves.

Parenting & Family Dynamics

Parenting and family relationships can be both some of the most challenging and most rewarding relationships of our lives.  Learning interpersonal skills, communication skills, attachment awareness, emotional intelligence and improving self care can empower us to be positive & grounding influence on these important relationships.

Trauma & PTSD symptoms

Trauma occurs from the normal and automatic response of the nervous system when faced with any type of overwhelming experience that pushes beyond the ability to cope. Processing through and coming back into balance in the nervous system requires a trauma therapy approach.    Get support so that you can reclaim your life from the impacts of trauma.

Complex Trauma & CPTSD

Chronic stress and overwhelm in childhood from adverse experiences including ruptures in secure attachment, neglect, harm, harm from caregivers, exposure to violence or danger can understandably cause challenges later in life.  Recovery and reclaiming your life are possible!

Self Esteem & Self Confidence

Living through the lens of low self esteem and self worth has impacts on all all facets of life; reconnecting with compassion provides a foundation to release the impacts of internalized messages, stress, adversity and relational trauma.   You belong and deserve to live in the present without carrying the weight of the past.

Performance Enhancement

Would you like to enhance your strengths, clarify your mindset, and clear mental blocks and obstacles that are impacting your ability to work toward important goals and dreams?   EMDR and visualization tools can help anchor the mental resources and resiliency you need to reach your goals.

My approach as your therapist

Scarlet Tate, Trauma Counsellor in British Columbia sitting on a chair with her arms crossed gently on her legs while smiling

Compassionate, Approachable, Engaged, Expertise

I believe that we are all able to thrive and that we can connect, redefine, integrate and transform not by changing who we are, but through a reconnection with ourselves.

We can create positive shifts at any time and in very simple & profound ways!

I provide trauma informed counselling services to adults to support your process of self discovery and integration so that you can live a connected and empowered life.

I specialize in working with those who are impacted by chronic stress, trauma and adversity to connect with their strengths, self compassion, resiliency and resources. My intention is to empower you by providing compassionate psycho – education, access to useable tools & resources, processing modalities and trauma informed and trauma integrative counselling

Scarlet Tate, Trauma Counsellor in British Columbia sitting on a chair with her arms crossed gently on her legs while smiling

Holding space for you to cope with distress, increase awareness, learn, grow, integrate, redefine and understand the underlying factors in your current challenges.

EMDR & Trauma Therapy Modalities

The core of my approach is based on the theories of trauma therapy and the 8 phases of EMDR therapy. I work from an attachment and strength based perspective and utilize somatic/body – mind awareness interventions. I utilize CBT and solution focused approaches to aid building skills, creating resources and tools and improving self care habits.

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Reclaim your life! Begin today by
creating space to receive care and support.

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I offer counselling services to residents in British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.